Sunshine Coast Adventure Park - TreeTop Challenge

From AUD $60.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: QLD
  • Product code: TTC-SC

Get Ready to Push your fears to the limit and get your adrenaline racing at the TreeTop Challenge on the Sunshine Coast. Our Adventure Park takes you sky-high with 100 challenges and 12 ziplines sitting in the trees at more than 25m above the ground. Expect to have a thrilling day out in nature as you conquer personal goals, have a whole lot of fun and soak in stunning views from the tree canopy.

Located at The Big Pineapple, our Adventure Park features six exciting courses which start off easy and work up to heart-pumping extreme! Our Adventure Park stretches through 8 acres of the most incredibly lush rain-forest (which we think looks like the dense green of the Daintree in Far North Queensland). 

Our Adventure Park is fully supervised and is a self paced tour, which means you can complete each circuit at your own speed. Your experience starts on our first 2 easy courses which are designed for everyone in the family. It’s a chance to enjoy the rainforest and build confidence in the sky. The third course steps it up a notch with huge ziplines, ninja games, stunning heights and opportunities to really face your fears at every turn.

If you think everything to this point are a piece of pie, wait for the final 2 Black circuits. These are the highest and most thrilling high ropes courses in Australia. We’ve designed these super challenges for ages 14+. They will absolutely push you beyond your comfort zone.

To complete our Adventure Park, abs are not necessary, but some fitness is required to complete the course as you do need the strength to climb through the trees. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete a circuit, and 3 hours to complete the entire park. We use the highest grade safety equipment and our state-of-the-art smart belay system will keep you attached to the wires at all times.

If you’re keen to escape to a world of adventure, push past your comfort zone and challenge your body – join us and experience extreme thrills at our Big Pineapple Adventure Challenge on the Sunshine Coast.