Asian Cooking Junior Online

  • Duration: 4 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Abbotsford, VIC
  • Product code: PSKXF8


Cooking is a life skill that sadly not everyone has. Knowing how to cook can vastly improve our ability to save money, provide meaningfully for our family, and nutrition. But part of making healthy choices in life is knowing the skills to turn nutritious ingredients into an enjoyable meal. Getting kids to form healthy eating habits is no easy task, but by teaching them approachable skills and fun techniques, we can help pave the way. 

In this course, we will work together with kids in an interactive and engaging cooking class, designed to bring approachable, fun, and nutritious recipes to your home kitchen. Our instructors will lead your kids through a variety of dishes using easily accessible ingredients from your local supermarket. 

The course begins with a focus on basic, safe, and fundamental cooking skills. We’ll teach them a broad spectrum of skills spanning through preparation, tasting, and seasoning dishes as well as how to choose healthy options, read nutritional labels, and reduce food waste. The class is suitable for kids 10-16 years old, with recommended parental supervision. Please check the menu of the month before booking.


  • The class is suitable for ages 10-16 and their parents
  • Learn basic and fundamental kitchen skills 
  • Have fun in this interactive and sociable cooking experience 
  • Access to a wide variety of written and video resources 
  • In-class discussions on food safety, local foods, sustainability, and nutrition
  • Delicious and healthy meals made from scratch


Thai Cooking 

  • Green Chicken & Vegetable Curry
  • Thai Beef Salad, Rice

Japanese Cooking 

  • Kinoko Miso Shiru- Mushroom Miso Soup 
  • Okonomiyaki - Japanese Pancake
  • Kyuri Sunomono- Cucumber with Ginger Dressing 
  • Shake Teriyaki- Salmon or Chicken Teriyaki

Vietnamese Cooking

  • Nuoc Cham - Fish sauce dip 
  • Chả giò - Spring rolls - Vegetarian or Pork  
  • Pho Ga Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup

Chinese Cooking

  • Hun Tun Tang- Wonton Soup 
  • Mee- Stir-Fried Noodles with Bok Choy 
  • Chao Fan- Cantonese Fried Rice
**Vegetarian and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated, contact us for details.


  • We no longer run a separate classes for Kids and Teens. And they will join our weekly Thai CookingJapanese CookingVietnamese CookingChinese Cooking.
  • Children who attend online cooking classes must be participating with a parent. The parent(s) will need to buy the ingredients for each recipe and give a hand getting the kids set up for each class.  We encourage families to share this experience and cook together. 
  • We recommend kids from 10-16 years old, which takes into consideration the attention span and technical skills of most kids that age. 
  • Given the kitchen set up, we cannot accept anyone with severe food allergies. 
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule a class booking you will need to email:


  • Move at your own pace and you sign on to this course at any time. We have created a full library of pre-recorded videos, class notes and recipes for you to start. Whether you work on your own or with help, you can go as deep into a topic as you want and start and stop anytime.
  • Each month we will cook along with you on our Zoom 2-hour class. The online cooking session can complement with your learning. Here you will connect with your chef, so you can ask any question from cooking related to recipe tricks and tips. 
  • Before the live cooking sessions, please give yourself a chance to view our platform, see the recipes, watch our videos, and set up your ingredients and equipment to make the online session as smooth and seamless as possible. Let us know if you have dietary restrictions and we'll happily come up with some creative and delicious substitutions for you.
  • Please note that the start times for this virtual experience are scheduled in Melbourne - Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Please be aware and adjust the start time to your time zone if you are not based in Australia.


  • Yes, we sell gift cards. The gift cards are valid for 3 years. Please click the link in the calendar to purchase your gift card. You will receive a digital gift card and a redeemable code to give to the person of your choice. The gift's receiver can redeem the gift card later to gain access to a live cooking session and our online platform. 
  • The gift card is also redeemable in the future for our in-person classes.