L-39 Albatros Platinum

Cena od AUD 2 890,00 AUD
  • Trvanie: 40 Minút (cca.)
  • Poloha: Archerfield, QLD
  • Kód produktu: L39.30

Experience your childhood dream of becoming a ‘Top Gun fighter pilot’, ‘James Bond’ or ‘Mavrick’ with a Fighter Pilot aerobatic adventure flight in a Czechoslovakian L-39C Albatros Fighter Jet.

You'll undergoing a full mission briefing to discuss the flight's intensity, safety and communication procedures. After a detailed run through of the aerobatic manoeuvres, you’ll be kitted out in jet fighter attire including flight suit (optional) and a fighter helmet then make your way out to the L-39C and be strap in for the flight of a lifetime. After a final run through and system check you’ll be ready for the action to start.

The roar of the jet spooling up is one thing, but the sheer exhilaration of 4,000 pounds of jet firing you down the runway is simply mind-blowing! After take off you'll quickly ascend to altitude and after a final OK, you'll proceed to your mission area and complete a full range of aerobatic maneuvres - as mild or wild as you like! The L-39C is incredibly agile and you'll be looping, rolling and blasting through the skies with G-forces of up to +6.5 and speeds of up to 900 KM/H.

Following the aerobatic session, you'll make your way back to Archerfield for a de-brief and photo opportunities. 

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a perfect gift idea for Top Gun fans and Adrenalin-junkies

Mission Area: Jumpinpin or Laravale (Note: Mission area is as directed by Air Traffic Control).

Duration: One 45 minute Warbird Adventure, 30 minutes from take-off to landing. Allow one hour for your total experience allowing for briefing and pre-flight, photo opportunities, de-brief and footage transfer if purchased. Flight upgrades are available on the day should you wish to extend your flight time.