Yak-52 Aerobatics Silver

Alkaen AUD 495,00 AUD
  • Kesto: 30 Minuutit (noin)
  • Paikka: Archerfield, QLD
  • Tuotekoodi: Yak52.20

Experience the excitement and thrills of an adrenaline filled aerobatic flight in our Russian Yak-52 powered by a 9 cylinder, 360hp, supercharged radial engine. Originally built to train Russian pilots for combat manoeuvres, today our Yak 52 allows you to feel like a Fighter Pilot as you loop and roll through the sky on an adrenalin filled Warbird Adventure flight.

Upon arrival to our Fighter Pilot base at Archerfield Airport you will be greeted by our friendly team and receive a full briefing including all aspects of the flight, aircraft details and safety procedures. Then you’ll be strapped into the  aircraft and feel the roar of the radial engine come to life. After take-off you will set your targets on Moreton Bay where you will be commence your aerobatic session including loops, barrel roll, half cuban, wing-overs, stall turn and flying inverted. These mind blowing manoeuvres will result in G-forces ranging from +4 to -1 and reach speeds in excess of 400km/h. 

Not sure if you are up for aerobatics, don’t worry, you will be in constant communication with your pilot via headsets and you can crank up the Adrenalin with torque rolls, lomcovák, and a hesitation roll, or take it down a notch at any point. Remember your in control of the intensity.

During the debrief you’ll be given the opportunity to discuss your flight and have photographs with the aircraft and your guests. If the flight footage is purchased on the day, you will also be shown your experience footage from the flight, while it downloads. 

This is truly a fantastic experience and a perfect gift idea for aviation fans, adrenalin-junkies and something different for that special someone.

Mission Area: Southern Moreton Bay 

Duration: 30 minutes from engine start to stop, including 20 minutes from take-off to landing. Allow one hour for your total experience allowing for briefing and pre-flight, photo opportunities, de-brief and previewing the flight footage, if purchased. 

Flight Availability: To enquire about booking a flight outside the available dates on the calendar please contact us by email flights@fighterpilot.com.au

CASA Regulations - Booking Adventure Flights: Military aircraft are built and tested to different standards than that put forward by CASA or any equivalent international civil aviation governing body. As such, in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Parts 132.140, 150 and 132.155;

- The design, manufacture and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognized by CASA; and

- CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft used for regular public transport or charter operations; and

- The passenger agrees to participate in this flight at his or her own risk; and

- If it is reasonable to believe that a passenger cannot understand the safety briefing; said passenger must be accompanied on the flight by a parent, guardian, or carer; and 

- A more detailed briefing will be provided to the passenger before they board the aircraft.